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Install Windows 7 from QMobile Noir 11 Note

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How to Install Windows 7 from your Android Mobile

Create Bootable SD Card of your Android Cell Phone and Install Windows, Linux, Mac


Need is the mother of Invent. Last day i wanted to install Windows 7 in my DELL Desktop. but i for te normal procesures you need DVD of WIn7 + DVD ROOM + Time OR +USB drive in case you don't have CD or DVD.


But i wasn't with any of the thing listed above except my Android phone. So i decided to take a try. after searching on web i finally found the way where few peoples was success with the install of windows via Mobile but in every article there was quit things which was changed in new Android versions as well in Structure. like Priviligies on Android and limited access in the Apps.


I don't tell you every steps which i perform because it required Advance skills and most of peoples on web even don't know how to use Android features so i just writet his topic to let you now that its very easy to install Wndows / Linux / Android / Google OS / Mac from your Mobile phone SD card like USB.


What you need for this is the following things.


1.Windows 7 Latest version ISO file. which will end with .iso

2.4GB SD card on your Android Cell Phone

3.USB Cable wich connect your mobile to your Computer

4.DriveDroid install in your Android phone

5.SuperUser APP Install which is not Google verify you need to find it on web.



This 5 things will feel you real "Tech person" in technology once you done with the procesure.



DriveDroid is very popular APP of android which will made Blank Space in your SDCard and your SD card will showing in your Desktop like USB. so next you can make your SDCard Bootable via any Boot makng software like Flashdrive.



First hook up your phone to your PC using a USB cable.

Next we'll have to create a blank image on your phone. On this image we will eventually store the installation disk. In DriveDroid we go to the + button and choose 'Create blank image

Choose a filename like 'windows7.img' and choose 3500MB as the size for the image. You can uncheck 'Partition table (MBR)' and choose 'None' for the filesystem. Now hit the 'Create' button on the top-right.

As a side-note, we choose to not create a partition table and filesystem here because DriveDroid does not support formatting NTFS filesystems. NTFS is required for the Windows 7 installer to work. We will partition and format the image from your PC in Windows, but we'll get to that.

This will create the image file in the background. Open the notification-bar to see when the image creation is finished. Most time will be used by 'Allocating file...', which creates a 3500MB file. This can take half an hour or so on most devices that have a FAT-32 filesystem on their SD-card, other filesystems do not seem to have this problem and will finish almost instantly.


Unplug your USB cable and plug it in a PC where you want to install Windows 7. Make sure you still have windows7.img selected in DriveDroid.

Boot the other PC, go to the bios and put your phone as the first boot device.

ave the changes and reboot. The PC should now boot the Windows 7 installer from your phone.

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