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Share PTCL EVO Broadband Internet Connection

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Posted 07 March 2011 - 09:30 AM

Share PTCL EVO 3G Nitro Internet with other Computers
Broadband Pakistan EVO Sharing Between More Then one Computers

PTCL evo broadband 3g device

Now we can share any DSL between more than one computer through any switch but what about 3G internet device like PTCL EVO 3G Nitro, Wi-Tribe USB Dongle, World Call Wireless USB and Wateen. These devices are very popular now a days because they are plug and play and require no power to run and hence you can carry them in your pocket what ever place you want to go. But the main problem is that you can only connect these devices to one computer at a time. So who we share 3G internet to multiple computers.

PTCL evo broadband 3g nitro router device

The solution is you have to buy a 3G Wireless router in order to use your 3G internet to multiple computers and devices. The one i recommend you is a Alternate Gear’s USB NetShare v.2 3G wireless router which is tailor made for 3G internet sharing. All you have to do is to plug in the 3G USB device into the WAN port of 3G wireless router and just power on the router. This router has 4 LAN ports which means that you can connect 4 computers with cable and also have wireless connectivity which means that you can connect 256 computers and devices wirelessly. The price of this 3G router is bit high considering other wireless routers but its worth it. It comes with the price tag of Rupees 5,200/- only in Pakistan but you can also buy this at a discount price of Rupees 4,200/- only in Lahore.

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