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  1. Frolicked skipped and we played. Smiling innocent kids waylaid. Village paths that were our own. Where we scampered had kites flown. Mundane bustle of commoner’s lives Naively we thought all could thrive Yet to grow in strength and height. Oblivious to this satanic blight. Ghoulish winds have blown us bye. Thrown in darkness to silent sigh. The horrid day our way was blocked. And our life so cruelly rocked. Used to trail the MP’s car. Just to touch, now driven so far. Now we can’t even look up straight! For a genuine smile our parents wait! O’my you leaders! Have you seen? How from innocence children wean. In carefree time of childhood days. Barely grasp what the criminal says. in wildest dreams had never thought. Would have to live a lifelong blot. Begged with pleas and our cries. To innocence there, said good byes. Hung upside down in deathly wells. Felt the shudder of crushing knells. Shadows crept and the days slipped. Slowly the curse our smiles sipped. Now forced to live a tainted life In broken bits by a thrust strife O’where the law to secure our land? O’whence the law to free our hand? Whom shall we blame for our hurt? Why our lives now trampled dirt? Woe to you leaders! Have you seen? How from innocence children wean. original saadat tahir 14th Aug, 2015 Rafha-KSA P.S. Deeply distressed and disturbed on the sad and horrific developments in a town in Punjab-Pakistan, namely Qasoor. Where rank pedophilia; unfettered and wretched forced sex and exploitation is unfolding as the stuff of revolutions. Kudos to ARY and the free media for voicing the anguish of common people, the life they live and how they are exploited by the Police & politician criminal link up.
  2. Ah there you! Common hide and bone. From a counsel rock, stars had shone. Once there was this time we met. When just the morning star had set. Air was fresh, the daybreak bright. Teeth were sharp and common sight. Flashed for anger so often smile. At times a sneer, at times for bile. We strode off to the jungle foray. Remembering bits we had to say. Having romped and raved in the hunt. Did time and tide the tridents blunt? We saw the day being kind to some. Enjoying the high of youthful rum. Some had done the humble things. Silent pleasure that nameless brings. Now we slow, it’s late in the day. Barely some time to demons slay. Hair is sparse and the skin like husk. Wobbly we stand to dip some rusk. Through fog, mist the years had lent. The cloudy skies have finally rent. Have we calmed and seen the light? Prepped us for an enduring night? Where there shan’t be ups or downs. Thence no need for smiles or frowns. Where every deed and speech we send. In equal whites where all must bend. original saadat tahir 15th Aug, 2015 Rafha-KSA.
  3. Cousin lover friend and wife! Days now spent in sterile strife. Ginger locks by a chiseled face Rimmed a smile of princely grace Laughed danced then she left Leaving behind a scene bereft Smiled and giggled, softly talked Before too long, then she walked She’s gone and left the door ajar Or thus it seems from so far Another world she now obtains In swirling dust her form remains Stony weights thus nature hurls In earthy tones her skirt curls Held in his hand a fraying map clueless eyes look out the flap Grim at the blowing yellow sands At forlorn tattered barren lands Original saadat tahir 14th Feb, 2015 Rafha-KSA
  4. Would that a deliverer looks our way Would that a helper descend this day This Dawns face too smeared in blood Home again defaced by piles of mud Had yet to flourish, those tender flowers Beastly hands snatched from bowers Blooming innocent smiling faces Early skipped to school in races Giggles laughter and their Smile Writhe and throe in death defile We are rent, with slash and gore Our Backs bent, above vultures soar O wake up people! O wake up now! Stem the deeds of fiendish hands! O wake up people! O wake up now! Let’s rid our home of terror bands! Books in hands and their quills too Rainbow dreams, what they would do Soiled in carmine all those roses What the resolve of bloodied noses Where the moms shall find their pearl Or the themes of their visions unfurl Dearer than life those bits of being Stony eyes now snatched of seeing Giggles laughter and their Smile Writhe and throe in death defile We are rent, with slash and gore Our Backs bent, above vultures soar O wake up people! O wake up now! Stem the deeds of fiendish hands! O wake up people! O wake up now! Let’s rid our home of terror bands! Original. saadat tahir. 17th Dec, 2k14. Rafha-KSA. P.S. More than 140 people are known to have been killed after Taliban gunmen opened fire inside a school in Peshawar, Pakistan. Most of those who died were children! 10-18 years old gathered in an auditorium for a competitive exam. "One of my teachers was crying, she was shot in the hand and she was crying in pain. "One terrorist then walked up to her and started shooting her until she stopped making any sound." Shahrukh was shot in both legs, and survived by playing dead. "They burnt a teacher in front of the students in a classroom. "They literally set the teacher on fire with gasoline and made the kids watch."
  5. The waning sun’s now dipping low. Tree top crescents are red aglow. Returning ravens in distance dive. Laden carts where habitual strive. A puffing chimney in shades below. O gleefully romping waning day. You whisper byes to kids at play. What you gave, what the pains. Chills thrills, aches and gains. Crumbs and scraps along the way. On the rutted path another mile, Below dripping wax moments file. Ocher disc that’s loosing glow; O’er dreads and deeds of men below, None can stop like the flowing Nile. To a day of toil you give the lie. Where forever beast and men ply, Best of men and the worst of them, Sound their prayer, bile or phlegm. In mosque or church or soulless dry! You go and promise another morn. It’s soft in promise or dread scorn? But rolled scrolls of fates decree, Or fortune's quiver none shall see. Would it! that I was yet to be born. original. saadat tahir. 29th Aug, 2k14. Rafha-KSA. Inspired by……….. Poem “Sundown” Written by: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  6. Round an round a cauldron dance In gleeful plenty all night prance Clubs in hand also banana leaves Whack the bums of circling thieves Our garlands boast a dodo’s beak Claws of tigers cooked for a week Hop and sing and guzzle too Trail chief Unwango in what to do The pot happily boils all night long Party raged the braves too thronged From coconut rinds, oft we drank In morsels raw our teeth we sank Dance all night then sprawl at dawn One atop another writhe in the lawn Yelled and yodeled and let out wails Captives strung on trees with nails unga bunga rum an a yum ho ho Oh! This heaven, we’ll never let go Went a hunting with spears and dogs To net for the party few grunting hogs Howling captives see crackling logs Caught them near our favorite bogs Their yelps ring loud amid fiery leaps Cringe at the sight of cooked up heaps Ah! The volcano tribes taste so good We always look for their cobra hood In glee we cackle our horns we blow We eat our fill till the embers glow Weeds, potions, rum amply drunk Full belly belched in stupor sunk After snorting up weed long and slow Chief then shoots up on a single toe Playfully tickles his wench with a hoe Head for our caves its time we know unga bunga rum and a yum ho ho Oh! This heaven, we’ll never let go Original. saadat tahir. 30th June, 2k14. Rafha-KSA. PS. A tongue in cheek poem for a dear friend … in loving recognition of the tribal way of life… Inspirations: The treasure island-Robert Louis Stevenson Macbeth-WS Cartoon Classics-Warner Bros.
  7. Cavort, spin from side to side Puff away in my minds eye Careless from all time I bide Swirling robes like incense I Happy happy with the air Flip and flick my cherub hair Tap gargoyle here steeple there Soar above to swoop below From fairy castle to demon’s lair Along the moat with water flow Smile smile at natures done Free am now in so much fun Whisper day to tawny owl Buzz like bees in his ear Shriek to fluster water fowl Scatter all in alien fear Giggle giggle at this my life Forget all pain of boarded strife Tweak petals of forget-me-nots Lullabies hum like flowing brooks Soothe the babies in their cots Wink and nod at side long looks Bliss bliss it appears to me So happy I to be thus free Sip some nectar here and there Dust the stamens of yon flowers Nod to doves, in a cooing pair Flit and turn in shady bowers Merry merry on a grassy sling What delight doth freedom bring? On bat’s winged back I fly Toss in air then slowly glide Amid flowery baskets happy lie World my oyster opens wide Free! free! At last I sing Tulips daisies, bells ring Original. saadat tahir. 15th June, 2k14. Rafha-KSA. P.S. The, all engrossing, happiness of ‘Ariel the sprite’, Release from bondage by prospero. As understood by a student of Shakespeare, in "the tempest".
  8. O’ you my darling from back home pind khadee si qasm, sara tun love and apni jind oh my countrymen poor souls ki jano tussi have no idea kinj twadey tuon qismat russi nai terey kan de crawled kadee vi joun running in life like paainja and his roun now sitting in far off lands bhul gaye sabb your sochan are split your auladan may rub na majj na chapper na baghla na daddoo tell me fer, without all this, what they’ll do na madani na chabee na he gongloo oh my lawrence and also koi ni khooo look closely aithey kinnyean warean thing how the toobe well tuk tuk and bird he sing she is majh... in vilage of punjab de thee and you are saying that you didant see maybe phuoreee and this the also black be careful with her sing; when she attack this da madanee and lacha kuree wear khussa te chooree also maindee so dear saje and khabe moving adh rirka she make a product of chatee better than milkshake where the swad of lassi and amb da achar hakim ji di purree when sir peer ya bukhar gone is gudee jairee katti hoyee patang goreean gallan te golden waal tery sang sure machar and makhee and kaada is more mashter ji di phaintee also phuphi di takore may go to Paris or NY ya fer London ya more jgrji remember wada sher is always be Lhoare original saadat tahir 24th Aug, 2k13 Islamabad.
  9. In better times superb Eids, went bye past Eid now, just that, a passing name Eids that were delight, in visages lost, gone beloved, are a sentence of the same Would that beloved, dwells in bodily form Eid by measure own, be celebrated thus Else Eid’s tint, befalls us devoid of any charm! What, Wherefore, Is now Eid’s warm? Therein now broken lives plow Plant within us staid and deathly harm. Translation from Original saadat tahir 11th Aug, 2k13 Islamabad. Acknowledgement: Translated from a few verses communicated by a dear friend (Asma), in a local language called ‘saraiki’; spoken in large swaths of the southern & central Punjab region of Pakistan. The lines in original are by one Qamar Jatoi. چنگے وقت اچ چنگیاں عیداں نبهیاں ہنڑ عید دا ایویں ناں اے@ اساں دید دی عید کریندے هاسے دتی رونق بهن سجناں اے@ جے سجنڑ وسیب اچ وسدا هووے چن عید تاں هوندی تاں اے@ کہیاں عیداں هن ہنڑ قمر جتوئ هر عید مریندی تهاں اے@
  10. Have you ever heard in your mind the sounds that silence makes the silence that spreads like music as in splendor a dewy morning breaks silence that clings to a Florentine fog as lone cyclist a cobble street snakes the silence that hangs heavy after a heavy down pour finally ends or await with it for the moment when heaven its pearly reward sends they sound so different and surreal like life’s ethereal myriad bends the silence that weighty dwells in wisps, rises from vacant eyes the silence that fills to the brim dole, of a beggar’s ripping sighs silence that hangs like a sword on fears of unsaid distant byes silence o endless tormenting silence you play on a piano’s dusty keys from a chair that rocks in howling wind on a lifeless verandah, distant sees from a score of such like mends wherefrom one has drunk to ones lees it speaks no man’s earthly breath yet heard in shattering numbness in ache and blight so steeped in rustle of a long gone worn dress in raucous merry gay proceeds or the mirth of a child’s bless in the time of a frisky bloomy day or gnaw of a long starry night the lullaby of distant streaking trains or the gondola’s reflective sight the cavort of journeys done together Echoes the hush of a soundless blight original saadat tahir 22nd July, 2k13 Islamabad.
  11. Protected child of hamlets gone In time she’s learned to colors don Skipped pranced in nursery games heard sinister hush of girlie shames Parallel to humbug, opened eyes Understood meaning of stifled sighs sipped the gospel soaked up some horror and tales of kingdom come Along her path to heavier books No pleasing breaks in shady nooks A disquieting mix of rituals, skills under lingering fret of utility bills sometimes shook by fear of rakes then again say whatever it takes hate chance falter with a fake silently in embers smolder bake cast off walks in a mixed up park no candlelit reprieve in a bedroom dark her life is packed and of her choice increasingly inside an echoing voice asks harrowed heart, who am I? want a family, but not on the sly! ever struggling with feet in boats split up thus we cross no moats No respite in a borrowed life Nor any fun in a back home wife original saadat tahir 29st May, 2k13 Islamabad.
  12. Kicked on beach cockle shells then the office guys to hell the prickly sand tickles my toes and his laughter, that he knows the bosses work I so often do why I like him, don’t have a clue late to bed and early to rise nets me bonus, worldly prize with the alarm, shoot out of bed fumble and clamp its button dead thirty minutes of a race in time switch on tube to scan the crime hair and hands tomorrow then laptop purse and favorite pen at the bus stop same old scene a million times I must have seen I hate their frills and lacy girls The dumb pouts and their curls What’s up beat in a gender trap All they need is a firmly slap Daunted not by brawn or hurl Brainy and brash is sovereign girl original saadat tahir 19 May, 2k13 Islamabad.
  13. Not for a trice feel a wayward twinge for distant bells that hollow ring familiar creak of the wooden loft loving caress to a cheek so soft so hold your child and merrily sing to hug him dear and arms fling savor the morning's early dew tis the love that but earn a few look the eye of your beaming beau the glint therein that you watched grew in your frock and braid and held flower the sun the moon and shining star the well worn stair, forward deck wizened eye that seeks your beck feline grace of your cat’s stretch topped pail, in which you water fetch sing and dance and take a step to homely kitchen and roasting prep tumblers stacked and the slanty mop from window watch that ye often hop original saadat tahir 19 May, 2k13 Islamabad. This poem is done as first, in a series of three, portraying three different lives of women. A very popular series (soap opera like published series) in my home country is called ...'teen aurten teen kahanian' (Urdu) translation.... three women three stories i have tried to be non judgmental and just portrayed what the minds eye sees. There is no bias involved or preference, just a poetic rendering of what i see around me. Yes.... just my impressions. Distant bells...1905 - 2k13 Sovereign girl … 1905 - 2k13 Back home wife … 2905-2k13
  14. Dedicated to all the mothers. No love stronger than mother's love, croons around and preens like a dove. Unpaired is the bond on this earth, naught in creation can match her worth. Perennial tie that heaven has made, caressing the lock, tress and braid. As she labors to bring forth life. A bond uncut with the keenest knife. Mother’s love is an endless song, sung every day and all night long. Oblivious she to the vagaries of time, her lullabies ring an eternal rhyme. whenever her brood need her there, she’s always close with her prayer. Mother's love is an endless bloom. Eternal spring to the day of doom. HIS devise, God bless our Mothers. Unrivaled, apart, from all HIS others. God, bless each an all of them. in their womb, HIS will doth stem. All the tears and pain that they share, each bite of the lip for that they care. She’s special as daughter and as wife. GOD then blows in the crucible of life. Dots her kids in an endless dance, joyous and pleased at every prance; at this she’ll never bask, at all. Only wipes her tears at our every fall. When her days are over and done, then we know that she was the one. original saadat tahir Islamabad 07th April, 2009
  15. Frothing waters dance and spin. Flip in abundance rainbow fins. Reach out bridges, span the blues, colors of water, lakes and hues. Heady saunter on windy tracks. Crumpled shirts and slept in slacks. Trills and tweets of mountain thrush, waft across valleys to pause the hush. Brooks gush and gurgle by hewn stairs. Drive by smiling, beaming, happy pairs. Clinging fronds along lingering snows. Nervous barks of pregnant does. Occasional rat a tat of random fire. Stark reminder to a stacked up pyre. For ages clutched by tangle of roots. Dislodged now with thump of boots. Boulders hurtle; mill shale to sands. Avalanches march to tune of bands. Distant whine intrudes rustle of pines Lone a soldier under an outcrop dines Ages passed in these tranquil dales. Now often rent with echoing wails. Streams and bluffs clutched by hands, hid in bunkers under conifer stands. original saadat tahir 21st April, 2k13 Islamabad. Exegesis: Ruminations from a recent trip to Neelum valley in Pakistan side of Kashmir. The mix of heavenly pristine snow bound beauty and mil-fatigues is unnerving and painful. Rainbow fins = Rainbow trout. Bridges = Suspension bridges so common in Neelum valley. Clutched by hands = Armies of Pakistan and India eye balling each other meters away. Thump of boots = Peppered mil posts across snow bound cliffs. Distant whine = Revving 4x4 vehicles laboring steep slopes.