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  2. Happy eid day, eid mubarik to all
  3. very beautiful kareena kapoor wallpapers
  4. Beautiful aishwarya rai wallpapers
  5. Five Fair Color Tips for Skin 1)use lemon juice.rosewater and glycerine...mix all thesethings and put it in fridge and use it daily then aftersometime see your skin ur skin will become just like newborn baby....2)Drink a lot of milk and eat yogurt.3)lemon juice works as a bleach - it wont drasticallychange ur skin color, but constant use will help lighten it.4)Take 2 teaspoon of milk cream (The people with oilyskin can avoid cream and use yogurt) and 1 teaspoon ofturmeric powder. Mix it very well and apply on face,neck and hands regularly before sleeping. It will give youa natural glow within a few days.5)use 1tbsp of dry milk & 1tbsp of corn flour .. mix itwith few drops of rosewater .. make a thick paste .... then apply on ur face .. let it dry and wash ur face with tap water ... it really works give ur face fresher & soothing effect
  6. Admin g yai error araha hay hamare pas 3 din se plz esko thik kare :(
  7. sab badal jate hai
  8. musafir g naseb aur kismat 1 he to baat hoti hai
  9. i think kamosh ho jana chaiye
  10. v.nice dedication both of u
  11. Welcome sis on fun2friend
  12. welcome siso on fun2friend
  13. Install Using Old Addons in New Firefox 6 Another trick to avoid compatibility test Old Addons not working on Firefox 6? Workaround to Install them Mozilla Firefox 6 final build is available to download. It comes with so many new features and performance enhancements. The visible change in UI is much better than the previous versions but it has one problem. Like other major releases of Firefox, old add-ons are not working or not compatible of Firefox 6. They do not pass the compatibility test as they were made for Firefox 4.x versions. Here is a workaround to make them working and running on Firefox 6. firefox-6 Are you comfortable with installing one more add-on which will make others work properly on Firefox 6? If yes, then go ahead and install Compatibility Reporter add-on which is available in official add-on directory. Once you will install this add-on on Firefox , your old add-ons will start working properly. Isn’t it as simple as just installing a new add-on on Firefox. Interesting part of using Compatibility Reporter is that you can use this trick for future releases as well. That means, when Firefox 6 will come, again your old addons will stop working. You just need to update the Compatibility Reporter to latest version to make old addons working. I tested this trick on YSlow which had stopped working on Firefox 5. Now its running smoothly without making any changes. Another trick to avoid compatibility test If you are not comfortable with installing another add-on on Firefox or in case Compatibility Reporter has not been updated to the latest version, you can use another trick by adding a new preference in the configuration file of Firefox. Type about:config in the address bar of Firefox 5. Right click anywhere on the new window and select New ==> Boolean from there. A new box will appear where you need to type “extensions.checkCompatibility.6.0†without quotes. Set the value to “falseâ€Â. Done, now you can see your old add-ons working on new Firefox 6. firefox-config You can use this trick in future releases as well. For example, once Firefox 5 will come, you just need to type “extensions.checkCompatibility.6.0†and set value to “falseâ€Â. Using above tricks, you can make all old addons working on new releases of Mozilla Firefox. Note: If this value not available in your configuration you create new value for this. right click select New>Boolean>extensions.checkCompatibility.6.0>False Note: Above image are old which show 4.0 firefox version in extension. ignore that image. after creating this you can see that 6.0 version will show.
  14. London Riots 2011 Pictures and PhotosLondon shooting and death in riots
  15. ramadan mubarik hamari taraf se bhi ap sab ko
  16. mai bhi soch rahi hun par mai bad mai contact karogi
  17. hum agay hein
  18. honey
  19. sis hai
  20. hum pakistani team ko welcome kehte hain hamare india mai lakin hamari team wold cup jitenge
  21. wc siso on f2f