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  1. Happy Eid ul Fitr 2015 to All Muslims Eid Mubarak to All Funtofriend members and visitors and All Pakistanis Eid is celebrated with great passion and enthusiasm among Muslims and symbolizes virtuousness. The prayers are followed by a sermon, where forgiveness, peace, brotherhood and a sense of fellowship is preached. On such a joyous occasion, many people express their happiness in the form of poetry.
  2. Pakistan tour to Srilanka 2015 Schedule time table <img src="" title="Pakistan vs Srilanka schedule tour 2015 series">
  3. has been shutdown in next 2 or 3 days Its very sad to announce this news that I "" author decided to take OFF this website. this website was started from 2007 with the name within partnership between. "Osama Khan and Intasar Khan" latter both partner decided to change its name with "". HumYouth was the most successive website of the pakistan in family comunity and forum format and was most active website 12,000/per day unique visitor. In the end of 2010, Osama Khan who was the financial partner of the was decided to take full control of the website. the second partner Intasar Khan was not agree with that decesion because he was the operator of the website and his biggest contribution and unique content and hard working taking this website in most popular websites list of Pakistan. Latter, in the End of 2010 Intasar Khan decided to start his own seprate new Website in the name of "" which was the good decesion and was successive until 2012. In 2013, he was quit involve in his JOB, projects and life and this website totally become inActive. so Now I , "Intasar Khan" decided to take OFF this website as i m no more have time and money to spent in this as this world is changed in 5 years and everyone are using Facebook and Twitter. I thanks to all contributor of this website and thanks for you time. UPDATE: i received few emails in which visitors requested to re-open the website. accourding to them they get ots of knowledge via the website articles so decde to keep it on for few months or days. My kind regards Intasar Hussain Khan
  4. 67th Jashn-e-Azaadi Mubarak Pakistan celebrate its 67th Independence Day today (Tuesday) The celebration began with a 31-gun salute at the federal capital and 21-gun salute at all the provincial headquarters. Say " Happy Birthday Pakistan Happy Jashn e Azaadi to all of Fun2friend Members and Visitors Happy Independence Day to all of Fun2friend Members and Visitors
  5. Dear All visitors, We are in the process of moving our website, you may face downtime issue or inaccessable problem within Pakistan and other countries except germany. Kind regards F2F Management
  6. HAPPY "New Year 2013" Wish you the very best of luck for new year 2013, to all fun2friend members and visitors. i wish all of them that best of luck for new future, things, happiness, wishes and much more in new year 2013. enjoy the life and consider your relations and avoid all of mistakes which you made in 2012. Year 2012 given too much sadness to all of us, even i can't be stand any step very happy in that year due to the Bomb blasts, Target killing and continuesly disturbing in Pakistan. BUT..... There is always new hope. with another new Time, Date and Year. our calendars, records, histories and many more things has been already changed today, with the new word 3. i hope this will also change all of our Bad time into Good time. At the end, Happy new year once again 2013 to you and to your families.
  7. Baqra Eid Mubarak to All American, Europe, Arab and Asia Muslims Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi Mubarak to all Arab, Europe, Pakistani, indian, bangladeshi and srilankan muslims
  8. Fun2friend completed one thousand fan's on facebook I'M glad to announce this topic, feeling and sound of this topic is so nice, Staring this little forum has been a lot of fun and a ton of work! I have meet some of the nicest people in the Blogging/chatting/sharing world through this forum. I never imagined that 1,000 people would ever give my little facebook page that beloved thumps up. I love running this forum. I have seen a lot of amazing things happen in the Blogging/chatting/sharing world that this forum keeps me so connected to. Seeing my best friend try sharing latest news and love it has been super awesome! I am looking forward to this next year of more latest info, articles and news. I want the Under the Apple Tree community to feel just like that, a community sitting under the apple tree talking about life. I want to see all families convert to more eco friendly knowledgeable lifestyle. I want to encourage those who are unsure and nervous about the change. I desire to have friendly conversation here- authentic communication that is kind and not judgemental. Thank you for being a fan!
  9. walaikum slam, welcome on
  10. Gallery updated:
  11. Ap sub apne apne topics EDIT karain, mene takreban 2000 sy ziyada topics sahi kardiye hain lekin yahan 30,000 sy ziyada topics hain. kindly jo topics readable nahi hain unko EDIT karky readable banane ki koshish karein. otherwise deleting k siwa koi hal nahi.
  12. Hi, We have upgraded our forum today, almost all topics, posts, images successfully updated. but we found that many of our topic text "Massively showing". it means the readers of our site cannot read the Topics, Articles. Its our request to all members and visitors please report the topic URL/link that look like "Massive" and cannot readable cleanly. Also, please take a look our gallery Fun2friend Gallery i hope you all like our new forum functions/features and skin along with complete look & feel. If you found any error to using forum feel free to contact or report. Best regards F2F MANAGEMENT